Hero's Cup Coffee - Light Roast (Ethiopia)
Hero's Cup Coffee - Light Roast (Ethiopia)

Still Kickin believes in all different kinds of strength. Sometimes, that strength comes in the form of a cup of coffee.

The Hero’s Cup, created by our friends at Mill City Roasters, is a rotating, small-batch roast inspired by our monthly Still Kickin Heroes.

In creating each new roast, the Mill City Roasters team takes our Hero's background and story to come up with a blend that best matches their journey. 

Still Kickin coffee mug not included.

This particular blend:

Region: Wachu Uraga, Guji

Process: Washed

Notes: Orange blossom, black tea, panels. Roasted for sweet citrus notes and crisp acidity. 

Roasted in Minneapolis by Mill City Roasters.

Still Kickin is a nonprofit organization. Every month, we give a financial grant to a person or family going through something tough. When you shop our merch, you help us #HelpAHumanOut. 

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