Adobe x Still Kickin Poster #6
Adobe x Still Kickin Poster #6Adobe x Still Kickin Poster #6

See what Still Kickin means through the eyes of six talented designers from around the globe in a special collaboration project with Adobe.

Poster #6 was inspired by a quote from our founder Nora McInerny's book, "It's Okay to Laugh. Crying is Cool Too." The word NOW reminds us to do the things that matter to us today, so we don't regret it later on. You can read more from the artist about his design here.

- Hand numbered edition of 400
- 18" x 24"
- 80# cover stock 
- Clear gloss foil Still Kickin logo
- Designer: Marco Mueller

    See more about our collaboration with Adobe.

    Poster collection photo by By Rebecca Studios.


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