Adobe x Still Kickin Poster #2
Adobe x Still Kickin Poster #2

In a special collaboration project with Adobe, see what Still Kickin means visually through the eyes of six talented designers from around the globe. 

Poster #2 has a primary design element of an infinite loop. It’s an impossible shape, an “escher" shape, that can’t exist in the real world. It’s the designers way of translating the concept behind Still Kickin—that there’s a mark you make while you’re here and an echo you leave beyond that. The ripples of your life are hidden behind everyday things. They are a presence in someone you touched or helped, but you can never measure a person’s full impact. It’s intangible, even as it keeps reverberating. You can read the full story here.

Print Specs:

- Hand numbered edition of 400
- 18" x 24"
- 80# cover stock 
- Clear gloss foil Still Kickin logo
- Designer: Ned Wright - Minneapolis

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