Adobe x Still Kickin Poster #2
Adobe x Still Kickin Poster #2Adobe x Still Kickin Poster #2

See what Still Kickin means through the eyes of six talented designers from around the globe in a special collaboration project with Adobe.

Poster #2 is an infinite loop. It’s an impossible shape -- an “escher" shape -- that can’t exist in the real world. It’s the designer's way of illustrating Still Kickin:  There’s a mark you make while you’re here, and an echo you leave beyond that. It’s intangible, even as it keeps reverberating. You can read the full story here.

- Hand numbered edition of 400
- 18" x 24"
- 80# cover stock 
- Clear gloss foil Still Kickin logo
- Designer: Ned Wright - Minneapolis


    Learn more about our collaboration with Adobe.

    Poster collection photo by By Rebecca Studios.


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