Still Kickin In Real Life (IRL) is a storytelling and event series that uses concepts of self-care and intentionality to help build a braver, more supportive world. And our next event is coming up! Join us October 11th - 13th for a weekend retreat in northern Minnesota put on in collaboration with our friends at Here to Be by lululemon.

"Showing Up" — A Still Kickin IRL WEEKEND RETREAT

Showing up is a simple concept but hard to execute. Many of us put our kids or partners or friends before ourselves. Many of us put our busy lives before sick parents, a hurting friend or a cause we believe in. It all feels like too much. Or it's too hard to fit in. 

But showing up is what connects us as humans. So how do we really “show up”? Not just for others, but for ourselves too? And how do we make it feel manageable? This retreat and an additional optional guide post-retreat will help answer some of these questions and put you on a path of showing up and feeling good about it. 

Friday, October 11th - Sunday, October 13th

Wolf Ridge Environmental Center

282 Cranberry RdFinland, MN 55603

Workshops & Sessions To Include:

"Making Time for Things That Fulfill Your Life" with Jesse Ross

It can feel virtually impossible to carve out time for the people and activities that fulfill us when we realistically don’t have enough hours in the day. How did we get here? And how do we make sure we’re filling our days, hours, and minutes with things that actually fill us up? In this session, we’ll explore these concepts and more. 

“Living in the Thin Space & Minimizing Distractions” with JC Lippold

Humans are masters of unpacking, reminiscing and commentating on our pasts, and we’re also expert dreamers, planners and manifesters of the future. But living in the present? That doesn’t come so easily. This session will explore how we get there and why it’s so important to set aside the distractions and exist where we are.  

“Restore, Renew, Rejuvenate” with James Orione

Life is filled with things that take us away from who we really are. In this session, we’ll explore how yoga can help us to show up and be fully present with where we are today. With increased awareness of the connection between the breath, body and mind, we can lead lives more aligned with what matters most to us. 

"The Shifting of Boundaries" with Nora McInerny, Kylee Leonetti, Natalia Terfa, and Asma Mohammed

Boundaries are a major key to creating systems of support in any season of our lives. And the key to maintaining those boundaries is giving them permission to shift and change as frequently as we do as humans. In this session, we’ll learn how to create systems of support that allow us to show up for our communities in ways that don’t force us to compromise on our own needs. 

Speakers To Include:

 "How to Show Up" with Asma Mohammed

During this speaker session, Asma will help us break down what it means to show up for others experiencing trauma when we don’t necessarily share their same identities… and honor the reasons why we can’t always show up.

 "Big Conversations" with Molly Milinkovich

In work, at home and with friends, there are always conversations to be had. Sometimes, we go into conversations heated, and our requests get lost in the moment. Other times, we’re afraid to ask for or say what we really need. You’ll leave this session with methods for getting clear and being ready to hear or deliver requests. 

 Activities To Include:

Hikes around Wolf Ridge

Ropes Course with Wolf Ridge Staff

Yoga with James Orione & Nina Kolar

Meditation with Nina Kolar & Ella Daniels

Other Things To Know:

- This retreat has a camp-style set up. You'll be boarding in a building (not a cabin) and will be bunking with others attending the retreat. Approximately 4 people per room/bathroom.

- Bed linens, a pillow and a towel are provided, but you will need to bring all other toiletries. (And if you're particular about bedding, we recommend bringing your own favorites!)

- Meals are provided (morning, lunch, evening) starting with dinner on Friday and ending with breakfast on Sunday. They are served buffet-style and offer vegetarian and vegan options as well as gluten-free and dairy-free options. If you have any other specific requests, be sure to add a note in the survey as you purchase a ticket.

- Limited snacks will be provided throughout the day, but feel free to bring your own as well. Note that any snacks or outside food cannot be consumed in the dining hall (for food allergy safety reasons).

- We recommend dressing comfortably and bringing proper clothing for a variety of outdoor activities (depending on the activities you choose).

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