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We’ll be sharing regular updates on our SBC and nonprofit from our founder, Nora McInerny, and executive director, Jesse Ross, here and on our social media pages on a quarterly basis. 

Report as of December 2020


We want you to hold us accountable to our core values. We’ll never be perfect, but we’ll always be honest.



Perfect? Never. What’s the point? Things change. We’re human. We do our best and try to get better.

What we’ve accomplished so far:

- Our team is actively participating in ongoing Diversity and Inclusion evaluations and trainings lead by Black individuals.

- We’ve hired more BIPOC team members, because adding staff with an array of lived experiences and expertise will only continue to help us better support the communities around us.


What we have in the works: 

- We are working to build an advisory team to review e-courses and programming to ensure we're providing a range of perspectives and putting out programming that is inclusive of more lived experiences (January 2021).


Pity is free and easy to find. It also feels gross. Nobody wants your pity, so stop throwing it at them like sad confetti! Empathy requires sitting with someone’s pain and letting yourself feel with them. Empathy is hard work, but we’re up for it. 

What we’ve accomplished so far:

- We’ve continued to share this and practice it with our staff and communicate it to our community — life is hard for everyone right now. We start our meetings with a solid 10 minutes of sharing what’s happening outside of work, and giving people the space they need to ask for the space they need. 


What we have in the works: 

- We feel like we continue to nail this one, but we will keep coming back to check in.


We love feelings as much as anyone else (a lot) but what we do matters. Is it always going to be perfect? Heck no! Improvement over perfection, remember?

What we’ve accomplished so far:

- We’ve adjusted our approach as a company from talking about macro and systemic issues passively through the experiences of our Heroes and grant recipients and are instead putting them front and center in all we bring to you. 

- We reimagined our Still Kickin Sessions as a space for Black voices as we continue to build a more diverse and inclusive organization.

What we have in the works: 

- In 2021 we'll have a series called "Racism and…" where we explore different ways that racism lives within all of our systems and how we can work together to make change (January 2021).


We’re here to help a human out. But an important part of that is helping humans help themselves. We trust and support the autonomy of our heroes, our customers and our team. 

What we’ve accomplished so far:

- We continue to provide direct financial support to folks in need in the form of unrestricted grants. Why? Because they know how the funds will best be used in their lives, not us.

- Credit to Jesse here: The non-profit world is filled with racism. Instead of jumping in to fill a need we think is there, Jesse has challenged us to listen more and give people what they need, not just what feels good to us. Thanks for helping get hundreds of thousands of coats and winter gear to kids in North Minneapolis, because that’s what they needed most, and for helping build our North Minneapolis fund! 

- Along with a living wage, all employees are now eligible for a matching funds 401K program. And eligible employees are offered health insurance and life insurance.

What we have in the works: 

- We continue to find ways for our employees to participate in and grow from different communities and experiences from workshops and courses.


Life is hard for everyone, but systemic realities mean that life is harder for some people than it is for others, and equality simply doesn’t cut it. Equity means that we see and honor these differences and act accordingly.

What we’ve accomplished so far:

- We created a fund to provide direct economic relief to Black individuals and families living in North Minneapolis, a neighborhood that’s been systemically segregated from the rest of the city and cut off from growth.


What we have in the works:

- We will be developing more content with BIPOC individuals to help further establish them as the outstanding content creators they are and help them build the wealth they deserve.

- We’ll be working with community leaders to identify BIPOC individuals and families in need of financial support — people who might not yet know we exist and are here to help.



Prior to June 2020, we thought we were doing a good job of building a company that was diverse, that showed equity in our actions, and that approached all we did with inclusiveness. What we realized is that the work we were doing was not enough, and in some cases was not supportive and maybe even caused harm.

To take the time as an organization to see how you are approaching your work is not just important; it should be a requirement to help make this world a better place for all. 

Here is a short summary of the work we’ve done in the last six months.

Q3 2020

In working with Jesse, we first started by outlining all of the areas we knew were important to cover with this work, because we knew it wasn’t just bringing in more BIPOC to hit a representation quota. We broke our work down by every single department and area of the business. Hiring, staff/work environment, communications, programming, merchandise, grant giving, collaborations, etc. We knew if every area wasn’t operating at the same level in this work, we wouldn’t make the progress we wanted to.

Q4 2020

During this time, the leadership team worked with Jesse department by department to analyze what our plan was, what we needed to research, what we wanted to implement and when and then how to build evaluation into every step so we could continue to learn more and do better. This work is not an item to mark off of a checklist. It is an ever-growing and evolving thing to continue to strive towards.

Q1 2021

Our work continues into this year; in fact, we are right now. We are bringing on the employee base to begin to dive deep into this work with us. We were also alerted to our first misstep, one where we had the best of intentions, but the process we took was harmful to BIPOC folks. We acknowledged our mistake and we’ve already implemented new steps to eliminate that as an area of harm. We will continue to try and we know sometimes we’ll stumble, but it is important to us to keep going.




These are the folks who continue to help us build our roadmap and keep us accountable to our commitments. They provide invaluable learnings and shepherd us along as we do business in a way that is not just built on capitalistic white supremacist norms.

Jesse Ross

Jesse, on top of being our non-profit arm’s executive director, is an executive coach, consultant and international speaker works with leaders and professionals on personal and professional development. He focuses on transformation from the inside out and believes that every person he encounters should expect ascension. Specifically, Jesse helped to guide us in our DEI plan and pushed us to think bigger, bolder and more inclusively. 

Toi Marie

Toi helps women-identified creatives, guides and coaches create and grow impactful online-based business. One part strategist, one part project manager, one part mentor, Toi brings grounding, structure, and form to ideas that are ready to fly and support the women doing the flying. Specifically, Toi’s Business Beyond Profit course helped us open our eyes to building a business not purely based on capitalism. 

Kim Crayton

Kim is a business strategist, anti-racist economist, the founder of the #causeascene movement, board chair of We Pivot, proud multipotentialite and future Nobel Prize winner in economics. She is also a passionate advocate for diversity, inclusion, and safe spaces in tech. Specifically, Kim’s Being Anti-Racism workshops were eye opening and insightful in how not to cause harm as a white lead organization.

Andrea Jones

A Professional EOS Implementer®, Andrea helps entrepreneurs and leadership teams grow their ideal company by helping them achieve 3 things: vision, traction, and health. Andrea is adept at coaching and facilitating teams to leverage their human capital and knowledge to find the right business solution. She believes when an organization is truly humming, the ripple effect of positive impact can be profound in all aspects of one's life and community. Specifically, Andrea’s support has helped us to actively spend time on our business instead of in the weeds, allowing us to continue to prioritize our work on diversity, equity and inclusion in all we do.