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Every month, we provide financial support to an awesome person or family going through something awful.

Meet Sara.

Sara Geurts is a 28-year-old body positivity model (check out her amazing Instagram account, @sarageurts) who was born with a rare genetic disease called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome causes a lack of collagen in Sara's skin, joints, and organs. And collagen is really, really crucial stuff. Think of it as a key ingredient in the glue that holds together the tissues and joints that in turn hold together your entire body (an oversimplification, of course). Without enough collagen production, EDS patients experience loose joints (which can dislocate randomly for seemingly no real reason), highly elastic and fragile skin, muscle pain and fatigue, and a whole host of organ problems.

In addition to her EDS, Sara was also recently diagnosed with Cranial Cervical Instability, in which the ligaments that connect her skull to her spine have gotten so loose from the lack of collagen (that glue stuff), they're no longer able to prevent unsafe movement. Sara's spine is now cutting off her oxygen flow, causing grand mal seizures, severe migraines, and daily nausea and vomiting. She's been hospitalized multiple times just in the past month.

Sara needs life-saving surgery across the country to stabilize her neck — and with life-saving surgery comes life-altering medical costs. With your help, Still Kickin is giving Sara an unrestricted financial grant to help her get the surgery she needs. Thank you for helping us #HelpAHumanOut. 

Photo by Sara's longtime partner, Bri Berglund.

modeling photo of Sara Guerts, taken by her longtime partner, Bri Berglund

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