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For years, Still Kickin was run by a team of volunteers and (eventually!) one full-time staffer. Many of the people doing pro bono work for us also had full-time jobs elsewhere, and we quickly realized that model wasn’t sustainable if we wanted to continue to help people in need.

We’re proud to say that we’re now able to pay our staff for their work and continue to provide direct economic relief for people going through tough things. As our staff has grown, so too has the amount of grant money our nonprofit arm gives away each month.

Meet the team!



Nora is the author of four books (It's Okay To Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too), No Happy EndingsThe Hot Young Widows Club, andBad Moms), host of the hit podcast "Terrible, Thanks For Asking" and co-founder of the Hot Young Widows Club. Her 2019 TED Talk on grief has more than 4 million views, which is pretty cool.

Nora and her current husband live with their beautiful blended family and a Shih Tzu named Stacy. She's very tall.

Though Nora runs the team alongside Lindsay and Rebecca, all of her work for Still Kickin is done on a pro bono basis.

lindsay wenner

co-founder & COO

Officially, our co-founder Lindsay is Still Kickin’s COO, but we prefer to call her The Woman Who Runs This Dang Show. For a long time, she was our only employee!

Using her background in project management from the ad world, Lindsay executes big ideas to help as many humans as possible. She has a magical knack for turning late night texts from Nora into legit business strategies.

Lindsay can be found outside of work hours making pizza in her backyard pizza oven with her boyfriend and doggo, Bella.

rebecca sharbono

program manager

Rebecca manages Still Kickin's various programs (read: retreats, events, digital experiences, new initiatives). She’s one of the masterminds behind our e-courses, from topic conception to delivering it to your screens. 

Rebecca utilizes her previous experience in people leadership, event management, marketing, non-profit, and learning & development to help Lindsay and Nora bring new ideas to life.

When not in the office, Rebecca can be spotted enjoying live music, wardrobe styling for clients or checking out a dining hotspot.


Jordan runs Still Kickin’s marketing and communications, which means you’ve read her words in our social posts, newsletters and here on our website. Jordan also works on "Terrible, Thanks for Asking" and is Still Kickin’s Hero liaison, which mean she gets to know our grant recipients and helps share their stories with the world. On top of being a wordsmith, Jordan collects old typewriters and loves music from the '90s and early aughts.


Kris manages Still Kickin's inventory and warehouse and was a frequent volunteer long before joining our staff. She brings a wealth of expertise to the team from her career in retail merchandising. A member of the Hot Young Widows Club, Kris loves to spend time with her two sons (both 2020 graduates — one high school, one college) and her dog, Murphy.


Emma produces our "Help A Human Out" podcast and assists in general content production (audio, video, copywriting, etc.). She graduated from the University of Minnesota — Row The Boat! Ski-U-Mah! Go Gophers! — in 2019 and is now kicking off her career at Still Kickin (pun intended). When she isn’t at work, you can catch Emma trying to attend every brewery in the U.S. — a feat she admits she will never accomplish. 


Gigi is in charge of our warehouse management, where she helps organize our inventory and coordinates closely with Kris. If you get an order from us, Gigi or Kris probably packed it up and sent it! On top of being our warehouse maven, Gigi owns her own pin company and works at the Flip Phone drag brunch every weekend. You can often find her teaching the rest of us how to glam up and accessorize our Still Kickin merch.

Adrienne VanZomeren

Adrienne helps oversee our online communities and is a longtime Still Kickin volunteer and pal. By day, she's a clinical psychologist specializing in depression and anxiety, 

a researcher studying the impact of early life adversity, a professor teaching graduate and undergraduate students, and a yoga instructor. She completed her Ph.D. at Harvard Medical School/Boston Children’s Hospital, which we think is pretty dang cool. By night, she can 

usually be found watching “Dateline” on the couch with her boyfriend and her 14-year-old German Shepherd.

Hot young widows club

The Hot Young Widows Club is a program of Still Kickin. To meet the HYWC team, click here.