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We've compiled a list of your frequently asked questions.

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Who runs Still Kickin?

Still Kickin was founded by Nora McInerny and Lindsay Wenner in 2015. Today, our nonprofit is run by executive director Jesse Ross and a dedicated board of directors and roster of volunteers who, among other things, help review grant applications and coordinate fundraising efforts.

How do you pick who receives your grants?

It's a tough task. An awesome group of people volunteer for the nonprofit (we call them our Hero Committee). These folks review and discuss each grant application. We don't like to share the specific details of precisely how we go about deciding, because that feels kind of icky (we're talking about real humans with real lives and real tragedy, after all). But trust us when we say it's a very thorough and thoughtful process, and we take it super seriously.

Is Still Kickin a "cancer org"?

Nope! We're a "whatever crappy thing is happening to you" org. We've provided economic relief to people dealing with cancer and also to folks dealing with lots of other awful things — like mental illness, homelessness, domestic violence, sexual assault, sudden illness or injury... the list is long.

How many grants do you give out each month?

It varies! For a long time, we gave away one grant each month, to a person we call our Still Kickin Hero. The dollar amount of that grant increased five-fold between 2015 and today! And as we continued to grow, we also started quietly giving out smaller grants whenever possible as needs were brought to our attention.

Our nonprofit organization is set up so that at the beginning of the calendar year, it has a guaranteed minimum amount of grant money that it can give away each month for the next twelve months. However, we don’t set limits on how much money we can distribute in any given month. Say, for example, the nonprofit gets an unexpected influx of donations. Our trusted financial folks then look at the numbers and let us know much more we can allocate to our grant-making.

What’s a Still Kickin Sidekick?

Sidekicks are what we call our monthly sustaining donors. Those monthly donations funnel directly into the nonprofit and are then distributed to humans in need. You can sign up to be a Still Kickin Sidekick on our GiveMN page.

Can I nominate myself or someone I know to receive a Still Kickin grant?

You sure can! Just fill out this form. Your application will be sent to the nonprofit organization and Hero Committee for review. We receive dozens of nominations each month, and unfortunately we can’t help everyone (we wish we could) but we read every submission.

Do you have different application forms for different grants?

We strive to make the process as simple as possible, so all applications and nominations end up in the same pool, where they’re reviewed by the nonprofit organization and Hero Committee. So don’t worry: If you’ve applied for one Still Kickin grant, you’ve technically applied for allllll of them.

I messaged you on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter but didn't hear back. What gives?

Sorry about that! We promise it isn’t personal! We try our best to respond to comments and DMs that come our way, but because our staff is mostly volunteer-based, we’re unable to reply to everyone. 

Does Nora work for Still Kickin?

Nope! But she's one of our co-founders.

How do you spell/say "Still Kickin"?  

WE'RE SO GLAD YOU ASKED. There is no "g" on the end of kickin. We aren't kicking things (that would be rude). Oh, and there's no apostrophe after kickin, either. Thanks for helping us clear that up.