Wait. So is Still Kickin a nonprofit organization, a clothing brand, a fitness group, or…?

All of the above!

First and foremost, we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Each month, our proceeds go to a different individual, family or organization in need of a financial leg up. You can meet our current Still Kickin Hero here.

We fundraise for our monthly Heroes in many different ways, including:

Merchandise sales. Check out our shop! We’re always coming up with new ways for our supporters to show their Still Kickin spirit, whether it’s on a t-shirt, tote bag or water bottle. Proceeds from our merch sales benefit our Heroes. 

Charity workouts. We partner with some incredible gyms in the Twin Cities area and around the country. We do yoga. We cycle. We run. We circuit train. (Not all at once, though. Don’t worry.) When you purchase entry to one of our workouts, the proceeds go to our Heroes. 

Other events. These events are an exercise-free zone. Some events we organize ourselves, such as our Still Kickin Sessions, where we gather panelists together to talk about the tough stuff. Some are put on by our friends in the community, where a portion of their sales benefit our Heroes. 

Donations. We’re always accepting those. Duh. We’re a nonprofit!

I think I’ve heard of Nora. Didn’t she write a book or start a podcast or something?

She sure did! You can learn more about our founder here.

How did Still Kickin start?

It started with a t-shirt — or, more specifically, with the owner of that t-shirt: an awesome guy named Aaron Purmort. Learn more about Aaron, his legacy (he would probably kill us if he knew we were using the word “legacy”) and the origin of our little nonprofit organization here.

Who runs Still Kickin?

Lots of folks! We are volunteer-based. Our board of directors and committee members make the magic happen.

 Where is Aaron’s original Still Kickin t-shirt now?

It’s currently locked in a high-security vault at an undisclosed location. 

Just kidding. It’s in Nora’s closet.


Can I nominate myself or someone I know to become a Still Kickin Hero?

You sure can!

Great! So… how do I do that?

It’s easy! Just fill out this form. Your application will be sent to our board for review. We receive dozens of nominations each month, and unfortunately we can’t choose everyone (but OH MAN, we wish we could). Rest assured, we absolutely read through every submission.

How do you choose each Still Kickin Hero?

Applications are reviewed each month by our board and selected based on the person’s story, financial need and alignment with the Still Kickin way of life. We realize that sounds kind of vague. There’s no real magic formula!

Aaron had brain cancer, which sucks. Do I (or my loved one) need to have brain cancer to apply to be a Still Kickin Hero?


Do I (or my loved one) need to have some kind of cancer to apply to be a Still Kickin Hero?


Is the Still Kickin Hero always a person or family?

Not always! We have also supported organizations that are doing important work in their communities, including a refugee organization, a group that supports homeless LGBTQ youth, and Black Lives Matter Minneapolis.

How can I nominate my organization to become a Still Kickin Hero?

It’s the same form for all nominations!

How much money does the Still Kickin Hero get each month?

It varies, honestly. That’s because our financial gifts are based on merchandise/event sales and donations. More sales and donations = more money for our Heroes. We are proud to report, however, that since Still Kickin’s inception, we’ve been able to triple our monthly gifts. (And that’s all thanks to our amazing supporters.)


I own a gym. Can I host one of your monthly workouts?

Probably! Email, and we'll talk. Thanks for your interest! We’re blushing.

I own a business. Can we partner with your organization somehow?

Why not? Message us at, and we’ll see if it’s a fit!


I love your stuff, but buying clothes online makes me nervous. Can you tell me what the sizing is like?

We totally get it.

For each item, we do our best to link to the clothing company’s sizing chart, but here are a few (hopefully) helpful tips:  

- Some designs are featured in a unisex fit as well as a women’s. The women’s fit tends to run smaller and slimmer through the torso, so some folks opt to size up in these. We will always include size charts! 

- Our unisex shirts and sweatshirts are more true to size, but we still recommend checking out the sizing charts just to be safe. 

- If you’re curious about the fit of a particular item, feel free to shoot us an email at, and we will do our best to help! 

- And we’re known to set up (pop-up) shop around the Twin Cities pretty regularly, so feel free to come out and try stuff on if you’re unsure!

How does shipping work for pre-orders vs. regular items?

Typically, our pre-orders are announced on the 1st of the month and closed on the 15th of the month. At that point, the order is put into production and takes about two weeks. You will get your pre-orders the beginning of the following month. 

Basically, when you buy a pre-order item, you are buying an item that isn’t actually printed yet. It’s like ordering merchandise FROM THE FUTURE.

Oh, and if you buy a pre-order item with a regular item at the same time, they will ship together when the pre-order is complete. So if you want the regular item right away, you’ll want to do separate orders.

I ordered merch/bought a ticket/donated too late. Can my money still go to last month’s Hero?

Unfortunately, our accountants don't want us mixing up funds month-to-month, in part because we want to make sure we give our Heroes their financial gifts as soon as possible. 

If you'd like your money to go to another month's Hero, and they have their own donation pages set up (e.g., GoFundMe, YouCaring), we would be happy to share that information with you. But our goal is always to raise funds for the current month’s Hero. Thanks for understanding.

What if I need to exchange something?

First, try really, really hard to pick a size/item that will work for you. We know it’s hard to go off sizing charts alone when everyone’s bodies are beautiful and different, but being a small non-profit, facilitating exchanges is a lot for us.If you absolutely must ask for an exchange, make sure you send it back from whence it came, which is a warehouse in Pittsburgh. We're located in Minneapolis, but the vast majority of our inventory is NOT, so don't try to send it to, like, our houses or something.

Still Kickin

Attn: Exchanges

79 13th Ave NE


Minneapolis, MN 55413


Can I get a refund?

We’re a nonprofit, which means every item you order (or every workout or event you purchase entry to) is categorized as a donation to that month’s Hero. This means asking for a refund is the same as asking for your donation back after it’s already been given away. And unfortunately, we can't really do that. It wouldn’t be very nice of us.

What’s this I hear about you guys being in the Mall of America?

The rumors are true! This past summer, you could find your favorite Still Kickin items at DEBUT at Mall of America. It was part of their Shop for Kindness collection. We were honored to be included! And stay tuned, because you may just find us back at MOA this upcoming winter!

What is the Still Kickin Run Club? How do I join?

We’re a group that meets every third Saturday of the month at 9:30AM for an easy downtown run along the river. We start and end at Moose and Sadie’s (and usually grab some grub afterward).

Joining is super easy. Just show up. Really. That’s it. No cost. No commitment. Come when you can and don’t come when you can’t. It’s about as low-key as you can get.

You absolutely, positively DO NOT need to be a marathoner in order to come along.

Join us on Facebook or check out our monthly events.

I want to start a Still Kickin Run Club in my city. How do I do that?

That’s awesome! Message us at for details!

I love your organization. Do you ever need volunteers?

We love YOU! And yes, we do. Sign up for the mailing list here, and we'll keep you posted as opportunities arise.