We've compiled a list of your frequently asked questions (and also some that are only occasionally asked).

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How Does Still Kickin Work?

Being a benefit corporation means that our purpose comes first and profits second. Our purpose is not only to create programming and merchandise that get people through the hard stuff in life, but also to support the grant-making done by our nonprofit organization. This means the better we do, the better the nonprofit does.

It also means that we keep separate income streams and finances, so the business side can grow without using donor funds, while the nonprofit benefits from the work of the business.

Through 2019, we were only a nonprofit, and it worked great. We gave out $195,000 in grants, held great events, and made the impact we set out to do.But as more of our income started to come from sales, it made sense for us to turn our business model to... a business. To pay taxes, for God’s sake! And to invest in what will help us grow and give away even more money.

For example: For years, Still Kickin was run by a team of volunteers and (eventually!) one full-time staffer. Many of the people doing pro bono work for us also had full-time jobs elsewhere, and we very quickly realized that model wasn’t sustainable if we wanted to grow and continue to help humans in need.

We’re proud to say that we’re now able to pay our staff for their work and continue to provide direct economic relief for people going through tough things. As our staff has grown, so too has the amount of grant money we give away each month. It’s a win win! 

Very little has actually changed about how we operate as a team and how we help people in need. Our guess is you won’t notice a difference. And if you do, it’ll be because we’re able to help more people and give away more money moving forward. 

Who runs Still Kickin?

On the benefit corporation side of things, Nora and Lindsay lead a team of one full-time staff member and a handful of part-time and contract employees. So when you support Still Kickin, you’re helping folks in financial need and supporting a small business! We hope to eventually bring on more staff, because we’re constantly coming up with new ideas but only have so many hours in the day.

On the nonprofit side of things, we have an executive director and a dedicated roster of volunteers who, among other things, help review grant applications and coordinate fundraising efforts.

Is Nora employed by Still Kickin?

Nope. Though she leads the team (along with Lindsay), everything Nora does for Still Kickin is done on a pro bono basis.

Is Still Kickin a "cancer org"?

Nope! We're a "whatever crappy thing is happening to you" org. We've provided economic relief to people dealing with cancer and also to folks dealing with lots of other awful things — like mental illness, homelessness, domestic violence, sexual assault, sudden illness or injury... the list is long.

Our e-courses and other programming are designed to help people going through all kinds of difficult things. If you’re having a hard time with something, you’ve found the right place.

How did Still Kickin start?

We started with a t-shirt — or, more specifically, with the owner of that t-shirt: an awesome guy named Aaron Purmort. Learn more about Aaron, his legacy (he would probably kill us if he knew we were using the word “legacy”) and Still Kickin's origin here.

Where is Aaron’s original Still Kickin t-shirt now?   

It’s currently locked in a high-security vault at an undisclosed location. 

Just kidding. It’s in Nora’s closet.

I have my own business and love what you're doing. Can I partner with you?

Probably! Message us at and we’ll see if it’s a fit! In the past, we've partnered with folks like Everthine Jewelry, lululemon, Mill City Roasters, Bauhaus Brew Labs, Urban Acres Creative, The Bitter Buffalo and more!

ABOUT nora mcinerny

Wait! Didn't Nora write a book... or do a TED talk... or start a podcast?

She sure did! Nora is the author of four books: It's Okay to Laugh (Crying Is Cool, Too); No Happy Endings; The Hot Young Widows Club; and Bad Moms. Her 2019 TED Talk on grief has more than 4.1 million views (whaaaaaat). She's also the host of the hit APM podcast "Terrible, Thanks for Asking." You can learn more about our founder here.

Do proceeds from Nora's book sales and podcast stuff help Still Kickin?

No. They help Nora pay her mortgage. (Her writing/podcasting is How She Makes Money. All of her work with Still Kickin is volunteer.)

Is she really that tall?


How can I meet her?

Come to one of our events!

ABOUT our nonprofit organIzation

How do you pick who receives your grants?

It's a tough task. An awesome group of people volunteer for the nonprofit (we call them our Hero Committee). These folks review and discuss each grant application. We don't like to share the specific details of precisely how we go about deciding, because that feels kind of icky (we're talking about real humans with real lives and real tragedy, after all). But trust us when we say it's a very thorough and thoughtful process, and we take it super seriously.

How many grants do you give out each month? How much money is that?

It varies! For a long time, we gave away one grant each month, to a person we call our Still Kickin Hero. The dollar amount of that grant increased five-fold between 2015 and today! And as we continued to grow, we also started quietly giving out smaller grants whenever possible as needs were brought to our attention.

Our nonprofit organization is set up so that at the beginning of the calendar year, it has a guaranteed minimum amount of grant money that it can give away each month for the next twelve months. However, we don’t set limits on how much money we can distribute in any given month. Say, for example, the nonprofit gets an unexpected influx of donations, or the benefit corporation has a ridiculously good quarter in which we blow right past all of our sales goals. Our trusted financial folks then look at the numbers and let us know much more we can allocate to our grant-making.

What’s a Still Kickin Sidekick?

Sidekicks are what we call our monthly sustaining donors. Those monthly donations funnel directly into the nonprofit side of our organization and are then distributed to humans in need. You can sign up to be a Still Kickin Sidekick on our GiveMN page.

Can I nominate myself or someone I know to receive a Still Kickin grant?

You sure can! Just fill out this form. Your application will be sent to the nonprofit organization and Hero Committee for review. We receive dozens of nominations each month, and unfortunately we can’t help everyone (we wish we could — someone get us a lottery ticket!) but rest assured we read every submission.

Do you have different application forms for different grants?

We strive to make the process as simple as possible, so all applications and nominations end up in the same pool, where they’re reviewed by the nonprofit organization and Hero Committee. So don’t worry: If you’ve applied for one Still Kickin grant, you’ve technically applied for allllll of them.

Nora's husband had brain cancer. Do I (or my loved one) need to have brain cancer to apply for a grant?


Do I (or my loved one) need to have some kind of cancer to apply for a grant?


I want my money to go directly into a grant recipient’s hands. How do I do that?

All donations made via our GiveMN page funnel directly into the nonprofit organization, which then distributes the funds to our monthly grant recipients. Your merch purchases and your participation in our programming also help support the nonprofit organization, as well as the growth and day-to-day operations of a small women-owned business. 

about our merchandise

Buying clothes online makes me nervous. What's the sizing like?

We totally get it. For each sized item, we include the size chart provided by the clothing company, but here are some additional tips:

- Some designs are available in a unisex fit and a women's fit. The women’s fit tends to run smaller and slimmer through the torso (shocking, we know), so most folks opt to size up a size or two in these.

- Our unisex shirts and sweatshirts are more true to size, but we still recommend checking out the sizing charts just to be safe.

- If you're really online-shopping averse, come to one of our pop-up shops! Then you can try things on! And say hi to us! We give hugs! We post about these kinds of events on our social media channels. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We're also on Twitter but don't use it as much.

How does shipping work for pre-orders vs. regular items?

When we do pre-orders, we typically announce a two-week period during which you can purchase that item. At that point, the order is put into production and takes about two weeks. You then get your pre-orders after that. Depending on when you place your order, you’ll see your product within approximately 2-4 weeks. 

Basically, if you buy a pre-order item, you are buying an item that isn’t actually printed yet. It’s like ordering merchandise FROM THE FUTURE.

What if I need to exchange or return something?

We want to make sure you find the right Still Kickin item for you, so you can wear it proudly and comfortably! We prefer to offer options for exchanges first, but we are also happy to facilitate a return if necessary. 

Your merch shipment includes a return/exchange slip. Just fill that out and send the package back to whence it came:

Still Kickin

Attn: Exchanges

79 13th Ave. NE

Suite 210

Minneapolis, MN 55413

My loved one is going through a crappy thing. Can I get some custom tees made to help fundraise for them?

You sure can! Learn more about our Still Kickin Customs program here.

I'm based in the Twin Cities. Can I pick up my merch instead of paying to have it shipped?

If you order from our online shop, your item will be shipped to you. But if you'd like to shop in person, we encourage you to come to one of our pop-up shops or other events that we are a part of! Sign up for our email list to be notified of upcoming events.


I want Still Kickin/Nora to bring an event to my city. How 'Bout It?

Trust us, we would LOVE to visit your city. That said, we won't be able to hit all of them — you know, budgets and all. We’re working to get more events on our schedule every year so we can give hugs in other cities around the U.S.

If you’d like to book Nora for an event or speaking engagement, visit her website for more info.

I messaged you on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter but didn't hear back. What gives?

Sorry about that! We promise it isn’t personal! We try our best to respond to comments and DMs that come our way, but because our staff is limited, we’re unable to reply to everyone. If your question is customer service-related, please reach out to our customer service email address,

Now that you’re a benefit corporation and a nonprofit organization, are you still looking for volunteers? 

We are, especially when it comes to the nonprofit organization's annual fundraising campaigns, like our annual birthday party and Give to the Max Day. Sign up for the mailing list here, and we'll keep you posted as opportunities arises.

How do you spell/say "Still Kickin"?  

WE'RE SO GLAD YOU ASKED. There is no "g" on the end of kickin. We aren't kicking things (that would be rude). Oh, and there's no apostrophe after kickin, either. Thanks for helping us clear that up.