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Rebuild North Minneapolis

In August 2016, after Philando Castile was shot and killed by a policeman in Minnesota during a July traffic stop, we chose Black Lives Matter as our monthly grant recipient and sold this limited-edition Still Kickin design to raise money for the cause.

Since the murder of George Floyd last month by Minneapolis police officers, and the devastation felt and seen in the Twin Cities in the aftermath of his killing, we've been focused on the impact we can make in our immediate community.

So we're bringing this design back as a limited-edition pre-order — and this time, the money raised from the sale of these tees, tanks and sweatshirts will go toward rebuilding North Minneapolis, a historically Black neighborhood that our city segregated and cut off from economic and educational growth. Funds from the sales of this design will create direct economic grants for Black people living in North Minneapolis to pay rent, cover living expenses or save for their future. 

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