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Joyful Kid

Sawyer Howe was 2-going-on-3 years old when he died in a drowning accident during a lake trip in 2018. And in those 2-going-on-3 years of life, Sawyer lived. He lived big. He was spontaneous, fearless, magnetic, kind and deeply loved by everyone who knew him.

We collaborated with the Howes to create our Joyful Kid children's collection in their son’s memory. Your kiddos — and siblings and nieces and nephews and grandkiddos — will love these bright, cheerful tees and sweatshirts.

A note from the Howes: Sawyer drowned during non-swimming time (aka a time when he wasn’t actively swimming with a group or expected to be around the water). This kind of accident is frighteningly more common than people probably realize.

One study of pool drowning accidents in Arizona, California and Florida found that almost 70% of the children who died weren’t expected to be in or near the water at the time of the accident. (And that’s just swimming pools; here in the Midwest, it’s not exactly a secret that we’re surrounded by thousands of lakes and ponds and other bodies of water.)

Learn more about how you can help prevent similar accidents by visiting by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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