Hot Young Widows Club Koozie
Hot Young Widows Club KoozieHot Young Widows Club Koozie

Welcome to the best crappy club you never wanted to join!

The Hot Young Widows Club is a support group founded by Nora McInerny and Moe Richardson for people who have lost their partner. It's a program of Still Kickin.

You can apply to join the club here, but in the meantime, buy some gear for yourself or someone you know who has lost their person. Proceeds go to Still Kickin.

Keep your beverages cold with this cute koozie (and simultaneously let everyone around you know you are *NOT* one to be messed with). It's a win-win, really.

Still Kickin is a nonprofit organization. Every month, we give a financial grant to a person or family going through something tough. When you shop our merch, you help us #HelpAHumanOut. 

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