Letterpress Greeting Cards
Letterpress Greeting CardsLetterpress Greeting CardsLetterpress Greeting CardsLetterpress Greeting Cards

Our greeting cards are handmade in Minneapolis by Zeichen Press, a design and letterpress studio. Four design options for you to choose from:

UGH. For when things just suck. Period.

MY HERO. Because we all have one. Here are some of ours.

YEP.  Is it a sarcastic, "I can't believe this happened" yep or a genuine one? You decide.

FE-MN-IST. If you're a Minnesotan and a feminist, you're a FeMNist.

Each card is handmade on vintage printing presses, so the green ink intensity/saturation may vary from what you see here.

Still Kickin is a nonprofit organization. Every month, we give a financial grant to a person or family going through something tough. When you shop our merch, you help us #HelpAHumanOut. 

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