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If you're a Minnesotan and a feminist, you're a FeMNist.

Aaron Purmort was the World's Best Dude and a rad designer. The original FeMNist design was one of the last creations he gifted this world before he died in 2014. Because yes, dudes can be FeMNists too. 

When you purchase the original FeMNist tee or other FeMNist items, you help a person or family in financial need.

We’re building a braver, more supportive world — one shirt, one person at a time.

Learn more about the original FeMNist design.

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Original FeMNist Embroidered Bomber Jacket
Original FeMNist Embroidered Cropped Hoodie
Nora McInerny wearing a grey t-shirt with
Nora McInerny wearing a grey t-shirt with
Woman wearing a grey crewneck sweatshirt with
Kids tee on a white background with FeMNist printed ingrey
Gold and black FeMNist pin on a jean jacket.
Newborn baby wearing a grey onesie with