Shine Your Light Candles
Shine Your Light CandlesShine Your Light CandlesShine Your Light CandlesShine Your Light CandlesShine Your Light Candles

We love candles. Like, really love them. We love giving them as gifts. We love receiving them as gifts. We love impulse buying them at every holiday market we stumble across. So it made sense to partner with the good folks at Excelsior Candle Co. to create our own Still Kickin candles this fall-iday season! 

There are three scents to choose from. Or, because variety is the spice of life, purchase the box set, which includes one of each!

Santa's Hot Tub (Red Label): A spicy cinnamon scent. Like a box of Hot Tamales candy. Or some Big Red chewing gum. Or Red Hots candy. You get the idea.

Mistletoe (Green Label): One Still Kickin team member described this one as "like you're walking through a Christmas tree lot," which is spot on.

Holiday Vanilla (Blue Label): A vanilla candle, yes, but with a little kick. Like you have some gingerbread and/or snickerdoodle cookies baking in the oven.

- 4-ounce travel tin candle

- Handcrafted in St. Paul, Minnesota by Excelsior Candle Co.

- Renewable, biodegradable soy wax

- Recyclable and reusable jars

- Lead-free cotton wicks


Still Kickin is a nonprofit organization. Every month, we give a financial grant to a person or family going through something tough. When you shop our merch, you help us #HelpAHumanOut. 

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