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June 2020 Heroes

The origins of Still Kickin are in direct grant-making: giving people money and letting them decide how they spend it.

Over the past five years, we've made a conscious effort to adjust from simply accepting and reviewing applications to also *actively* seeking out ways that our grants can make a more equitable impact.

And since the murder of George Floyd, we've also been focused on the impact that our nonprofit can make in our immediate community.

So this month, we're doing things a bit differently:

1. We gave grants to five organizations and businesses that are already doing important work in BIPOC communities: African Career, Education & Resource (ACER); Women for Political Change; the Minneapolis Sanctuary Movement; Redeemer Center for Life, and The Dripping Root.

2. We've also continued to give grants to individuals impacted by COVID-19. Thank you for helping us support Kathy, Evan and Shell.