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December 2020 Heroes

Whenever you purchase a t-shirt, or take an e-course, or attend one of our events, our benefit corp donates a portion of those proceeds to our non-profit arm to make sure folks get the support they need when times are tough.

And the reason we're able to do what we do month after month is because of people like YOU.

This month, your support helped six awesome individuals and families going through awful things, including:

- A young father of five in need of a heart transplant after surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his jaw caused an infection that spread to his heart.

- A Wisconsin man addressing his substance use issues amidst a multiple myeloma diagnosis after losing his wife.

- A non-binary individual living with a disability who needed help relocating after experiencing homelessness and sexual assault.

- The family of a man who was hospitalized with a severe case of COVID-19 but doesn't get paid time off through his job.

- A man who recently underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor and is now having post-surgical complications.

- An immunocompromised couple, both of whom are currently unemployed due to COVID-19.