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You Make Us Feel Like Oprah

On top of the monthly grants we give our Heroes (with your help), we also have a separate fund that we use to fill smaller, more immediate needs brought to our attention. We've quietly been giving out these spot grants for two-ish years.

We haven't talked much about this separate fund before because, well, it felt good to help folks without claiming credit for it. We just wanted to feel like Oprah for a hot second, okay?!


(to be clear, we give out grants, not cars)

We know a lot of folks are feeling helpless lately. Like there's nothing they can do to really, truly help others in need. Because maybe they don't have the money or the means to do so. Most of us weren't exactly planning on a pandemic when we made our 2020 budgets, ya know? Maybe you're part of a vulnerable population and are trying to protect your health as best you can. In times like these, it's easy to feel like nothing you do is enough.

But *anything* you do is enough.

We're still giving monthly, no-strings-attached grants to people in need, and this week, we made additional monetary donations to three deserving orgs that are serving at the frontlines to ensure people who need help are able to put food on their tables during these uncertain times.

The reason we were able to do this is because *you* made it happen. Because when you purchase our merch or come to an event or enroll in one of our e-courses, you contribute to that fund. You #HelpAHumanOut.

Thank you for helping us help The Sheridan Story, Meals on Wheels and Second Harvest Heartland. 

graphic with logos for The Sheridan Story, Meals on Wheels and Second Harvest Heartland