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But How Do We Show Up Now?

We are all people who want an instruction manual for when bad things happen. We want to be told what to do, what to say, what magical combination of activities will show that we care, will have the most impact, will make a difference in some small way.

Still Kickin HQ is in Minnesota. Some people are trying to re-brand this state as The North but in our hearts, we are the captains of the Midwest. The middest of the west. When we show up, it’s awkwardly, with small talk and hot dish.*

Suffering has always been lonely, and now it’s lonelier than ever. We’re stuck in our houses, setting up conference calls to see our friends and family members. Seriously, the hottest ticket in town right now is a conference call app we all dreaded using back when it was exclusively for work. Now we have FOMO about not being invited to the ZOOM happy hour where everyone will be able to see our greasy hair, our sallow skin and the fact that we are most certainly not hydrating correctly!

Everywhere you turn on the internet, there is an answer. There’s a checklist, a mnemonic, a good sense of alliteration meant to life hack you through this uncertain time and into an okayish version of yourself. 

There are no new answers, because there have never been answers.

We show up how we have always shown up. Okay, not on each other’s doorstep and not with a hot dish. But we show up imperfectly and with the best of intentions. We show up uncomfortably and with whatever we have to offer. We show up when it’s hard and when we don’t feel like it. We make a phone call, send an email. We sit in quiet with the loved ones we can still physically touch and watch bad TV and remember that the way we feel now is not how we will always feel.

The truth is, we are scared because this is scary.

The truth is, the future is unknowable to all of us.

The truth is, a lot of us are doing the best we can with what we have... emotional scraps that don’t leave a lot leftover to create inspirational content or shift your business to a fundraising model. 

The truth is, when this is all over there will be new scores to count and new emotional wounds to tend to. We will have a tally of who we think failed us, and who we think we failed. 

We will try our best to wipe that scoreboard clean, and try to do better.

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*Hot dish is exactly what it sounds like: cheese and carbs, served hot. In a dish. Don’t say casserole, that word doesn’t make any sense!