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Black Lives Matter

We're a Minneapolis-based organization with a worldwide customer base. Since the murder of George Floyd, we've been focused on the impact that we can make in our immediate community. Our team got a week off from Still Kickin work to go volunteer, protest and take care of themselves and each other.

We're an organization that is dedicated to helping humanity face and work through the hard things in life. And to face and work through systemic racism, we need to look at all of the systems that we are a part of — including this one.

That's long-term, marathon-level work. It's not just a blog post. This is not a sprint to check off boxes, this is a time to interrogate all of our practices and make intentional, long-term actions. 

Organizationally, one of our core values is equity > equality. As the co-founder of this organization, it's on me to make sure that we're living up to that value.

Last week, our nonprofit's executive director, Jesse Ross, held an online session to guide non-Black folk through a conversation and protests and privilege. He'll be back this Thursday with another session. Sign up here.

The origins of Still Kickin are in direct grant-making: giving people money and letting them decide how they spend it. Over the past five years, we've made a conscious effort to adjust from simply taking applications to seeking out ways that money can make a more equitable impact. And we can do better!

Our new Rebuild North Minneapolis fund was specifically created to provide no-strings-attached economic relief to families and individuals in North Minneapolis. Why North Minneapolis? Because our city was designed to segregate Black people and cut them off from economic and educational growth (TPT has a great documentary about this called "The Jim Crow of the North" — check it out), which has only been exacerbated by COVID-19 and the events of the past few weeks. Every penny from that fund will go to people in that community as rebuilding efforts continue.

Be patient with us if you've placed an order recently. We'll get it to you, we promise. And if you're a small business and haven't taken the "Business Beyond Profits" or "History of Business" courses from Business for the People, you'll want to join their waiting list now.