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Our first-ever Still Kickin grant recipient (all the way back in August 2015!) was an awesome dude named Scott Serene. That same month, Scott died from brain cancer.

Scott believed that no matter what awful stuff life throws at you, it's #BetterThanDying. These three words were his motto during his glioblastoma treatments.

And we gotta say, that message feels especially relevant right now.

We're all struggling in our own ways. We all have our own fears and stressors. Uncertainty can be a rude you-know-what.

No one wants to hear someone say, "Ya know, it could be worse!" when they're having a tough time, and we're definitely not going to do that. But we will occasionally remind ourselves when we need a mini perspective shift.

If you want that same reminder, we've got some free phone wallpaper downloads for you.

Scott, you are missed. Thank you for letting us share your message with the world.