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An Update — From A Distance

Like every other person and business in the world, we’re a little freaked out, a little anxious and extremely driven to figure out how we can best serve our community in a time of panic while also keeping our employees healthy (and PAID).

Still Kickin is, and always has been, about showing up — is hard to do when you need to keep your distance, but we’re doing our best.

And so are you! The outpouring of support we’ve seen over the past few days has been amazing. THANK YOU.

What makes Still Kickin special is that those two words mean something different to everyone. To me, they mean showing up as best we can when things are hard. They mean making sure the people who work with me feel safe and cared for, have the time and space they need to take care of themselves and never, ever feel like they need to sacrifice their well-being at the altar of productivity. You can’t help other people if you’re worn down to a nub. You can’t show up for other people if you’re constantly abandoning yourself.

Here is how Still Kickin is showing up right now:

On the non-profit side, our grants are still being granted (duh) — you can nominate/apply to be a Hero at We also have a separate fund to fill smaller, more immediate needs that we never talk about but have been quietly doing for the past 2 years. Surprise! We *also* have a fund dedicated to helping widows. I know from experience that when life falls apart, you need social support AND YOU NEED MONEY, and our grants are no-strings-attached (which means recipients can use the money however they need/want).

On the business operations side, we’re all working remotely for the most part. The only reason to go into the office is for shipping, which means that your order might get to you a little later, but it WILL GET THERE. Thanks for your patience.

We’re also going to be re-introducing the pre-order model for a few upcoming product launches, so we aren’t sitting on inventory and can keep our costs low and our bills paid.

Our remote work is also being focused on our e-courses and making sure they are accessible and affordable while we’re stuck in this uncertain time. We *always* offer payment plans, and we price our courses significantly lower than other offerings in the market because… well, because we’re not motivated enough by money, I guess? I’ll never be J*ff B*zos and I’m okay with that!

The Grief Guide e-course we’ve developed with Dr. Anna Roth will still launch on the 19th (email subscribers get the first crack at it, as promised), because a *lot* of us are having our grief triggered or brought to the surface because of all of this uncertainty.

We have extended the life of the "Let It Go" e-course (also with Dr. Anna Roth) AND we are working on finishing up a digital version of our Fall 2019 IRL retreat — an entire weekend dedicated to developing resilience, creating boundaries and other healthy habits that make it easier to show up emotionally for ourselves and others... even with social distancing. This one is going to be as close to free as we can get something that took dozens of weeks and people to create (we’re talking $25).

We are also updating the resources on our website to make sure that some elements of all of these courses are *free* and easily shared. We’ll post it all on various social media places, but email is probably the best way to make sure you get the updates.

If *you* have a small business that's doing important work in these uncertain times, please reach out to us at We firmly believe that all ships rise with the same tide (I always get that phrase wrong?) and that we are here to see each other through.


Nora McInerny